The Apple King
A World War 1 Family Saga

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An enthralling WW 1 historical fiction saga about a Croatian immigrant whose impulsive act has consequences decades on. Will a shameful secret keep him from aiding his Fatherland’s freedom? A powerful story of family, fate, guilt, and redemption.
In 1881, Nikola Markovich’s ambitions took him from poverty in Croatia to pursuing his dreams in America. And despite a rocky start, the determined foreigner finds his fortune in the booming apple business. But years later, his sinful burden resurfaces when he hears word of his homeland’s fight for independence.
As conflict brews in Europe, Markovich can no longer stand by and watch Croatia’s desperate struggle. But when a Slavic diplomat comes to town to lobby for assistance, Markovich is shocked to discover a connection to his hidden disgrace that tears his loyalty in two.
Can the remorseful man put aside his checkered past and help his people rise from the ashes of war?
The Apple King is a riveting standalone historical novel. If you like morally driven characters, multi-generational stories, and epic struggles for justice, then you’ll love Barbara Anne King’s inspiring saga. 
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