California Immigrant

An enthralling historical fiction novel chronicling the events of World War II as experienced in one American small town.


Martin Petrovich, a young man seeking a better life, immigrates from Dubrovnik to San Francisco at the turn of the century. In just two years, he is on the verge of achieving his American Dream when disaster strikes. The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake forces him to flee and start over again even while his heart is breaking over the death of the woman he loves.


Martin rebuilds his life in a small farming community set on the Monterey Bay, populated with characters as ethnically diverse as Croatians, Mexicans and Japanese. But unlike Yugoslavia which had bitter ethnic divides, farming brings the people together in a spirit of cooperation and often friendship.


When the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor everything suddenly changes. Martin once again finds himself in a place where racial hatred in all its ugly guises runs amok.


As the government begins moving Japanese to internment camps, Martin’s forced to make a decision. Should he help a Japanese friend and risk the backlash of his neighbors? Or should he take the safer path of least resistance? 


Whatever the decision, it will lead to his destiny and forever shape his American Dream.


Get this book that reveals details of World War II never before told.


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